Golf course management – What are the roles of a Golf course manager

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Generally, a Golf course manager is expected to keep the operations of the golf course running smoothly and effectively. He also sets the daily fees for non-members and ensures that all facilities in and around the golf course are optimally maintained. Property and asset management, as well as the proper maintenance of the golf course’sgrass and/or turf, are some of the most important functions of any Golf course manager.

Key functions of a golf course manager


Being a Golf course manager is an enjoyable position. However, a manager is expected to coordinate the entire management team as if he is running his own business. Aside from the general management of the entire golf course, the manager is expected to abide by financial constraints of the Golf course owners. The manager is expected to perform the following duties and tasks:

  • Organize people and daily duties,
  • Provide daily planning for all work and activities,
  • Creates budgets and control all expenditures for the golf course management, and
  • Communicate with his employers and other staff.

When these duties are carried out effectively, the objectives of the golf course will ultimately be achieved, and Golfers will also enjoy the pleasure of playing on an excellent course. As a golf course manager, there are a number of management skills expected. In most cases, prospective managers must have several years of experience in key management fields and possessing some skill level, such as communication skills, leadership skills, budgeting skills, work planning skills, and motivation. Other relevant qualifications and experience are also essential.  A golf course manager is also expected to keep the grass and the golf course looking spiffy at all times, in addition to having some computer and IT skills that are relevant to the management position.

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Most golf clubs are searching for managers with a diverse range of skills and technical capabilities in running a golf course. Most Golf course management teams will require that a manager has some administrative and accounting skills, as well as understanding budgetary analysis. Therefore, they must be aware of how resources will be allocated to each department.

Most golf courses that are hiring managers nowadays often expect an average of 5-year experience working at a gold course and running it at some capacity. Therefore, if you are an aspiring golf course manager, you may have to start as an Intern at a Golf course or golf club, and achieve a middle-management role before you can be considered as a golf course manager. In some countries, a Golf course management certification may be required alongside other requirements such as education and technical skills. A golf course manager reports to the senior managers or owners of a golf course on daily basis and he conducts presentations and some other seminars for educating golf club members.


We pride ourselves on being one of the most formidable Golf course managers in the world, and this is why we provide a forum for golf club managers as well as those involved in running golf clubs and related businesses.

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Golf course management – what are the main categories of management?


Golf course management comprises of a number of sub-components or sub-units. These are:

  • Management,
  • Staff,
  • Golf course condition,
  • Budgets and Finances,
  • Equipment, and
  • Irrigation/environment.

Golf course management – what it entails

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Communication is the major tool that connects each of these components together. Without effective communication, the golf course management structure will be ineffective and the results of this is absolute defective planning, confusion, poor results, and a pure waste of resources.

Budgeting and finance is the most sensitive area of Golf course management; it is part of an effective plan of investing. Therefore, the golf course management team must be able to formulate their budgets in-line with the goals and objectives of the Golf course’s mission. The budgeting and finance department must have strong negotiating skills so that they will be able to control their expenditures a lot easier. Budgeting and the finance departments are normally controlled with the use of simple spreadsheets and ledger books. A good golf course management team must be able to use their strong negotiating and communication skills to agree on specific terms with suppliers of grass turfs, and other necessary equipment, and any duties that fall outside of normal maintenance routines must be carefully examined by the project handlers, in order to ensure that they don’t overpay contractors.


In addition to budgeting, one of the finance objectives of an ideal Golf course is to have a sustainable revenue generating stream.These could include public summer golfing tickets. The closure of golf courses for long periods of time can also have a negative impact on the finances run by the golf course management team.

Staff and labor is just as important as budgeting. Staff and labor management starts with issues such as the laying of grass and/or artificial turf, to more complicated issues such as dealing with staff interactions. Working with different people seems to be one of the most difficult things that any management team will face. Therefore, they must ensure that all employees maintain positive attitudes to boost morale. One of the ways the management handles staff issues is by providing them feedback on what they are doing right and wrong, and secondly, they have provide adequate supervision in order to build good working relationships and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Staff appraisals must not be ignored by golf course management, likewise the training of both new and old employees is very important.


Lastly, equipment and irrigation are also important. Golf course management must haveknowledge of computer-controlled irrigation systems, as well as teaching employees how to operate these safely.Operating advanced equipment is necessary for smooth running of the golf course. Inventory and service boards are normally set up by Golf course management to ensure that maintenance records are adequately communicated – this will help the management team detect which equipment or facility requires servicing. Servicing of equipment ensures their optimum performance and will also reduce the operational cost of the equipment and systems in general.

We pride ourselves on being one of the most formidable Golf course managers in the world, and this is why we provide a forum for golf club managers as well as those involved in running golf clubs and related businesses.

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Golf course management and revenue generation



Mots golf courses, if not all, have their own ways of generating sustainable sources of income to ensure that they sustain the management as well as run the equipment and facilities of the golf club at their optimal levels. In a dormant or stagnating economy, most golf clubs rely strictly on club revenues to sustain their activities, but there are many alternative ways that the Golf course management team can increase its revenue. These include the following:

  • Marketing tactics,
  • Customer loyalty programs,
  • Club reciprocation programs,
  • New membership programs, shared memberships, and upgrade memberships,
  • Invitations and referrals,
  • Customer loyalty expansions,
  • Specialty events, and
  • Golf promotion and fitness programs.

Marketing Tactics and Sponsorships


Of all the revenue generating programs used by the golf club management, marketing is the most important channel which they rely on. Large golf courses often go into marketing partnership with other businesses such as wristwatch manufacturers, automobile companies, and large corporations who sponsor their golf events in order to promote their products and services. Sponsorships are very expensive and most golf courses rely on such huge investments to fund their operations.

Customer Loyalty Programs


Customer loyalty programsare ideal ways of encouraging existing customers to invite their friends, colleagues, and the public to subscribe for golf course membership. As you refer new people, you will get an automatic upgrade to your status and this will qualify you for special discounts and points which can be redeemed so you can enjoy more games and play addition rounds of golf at no added charge. Club reciprocation programs are some of the fastest ways of extending the reach of your golf club services, especially for diners and associates. These loyalty programs help you expand your networking opportunities.

Membership Programs


New membership, shared membership and upgrade memberships are some of the best long term revenue generating programs that can help the golf club management team expand its financial resources. The new membership program is normally made cheap to entice new members who show an interest in golfing, while at the same time the upgrade membership program is available for current members who want to enjoy more facilities and special discounts. Shared memberships are available for families of existing golf club members who want to take advantage of the membership to include their spouses, children, uncles, brothers, or any other relative.

Invitations and referrals help golf club managers get more people to register for golfing lessons and in so doing, they pay a registration fee. Referrals don’t have to become members of the club. However, they can use the facilities of the golf course to learn or play competitions. Specialty events also provide an opportunity for Golf course managers to organize seminars and coaching classes to interested participants, which can generate continuous streams of income when such events are hosted constantly. Lie events, Golf promotion, and fitness programs may involve the sales of golf products to the public as well as fitness programs in order to support their physical well-being. These are opportunities for raising more funds for the sustenance and overall growth of the golf course.


We pride ourselves on being one of the most formidable Golf course managers in the world, and this is why we provide a forum for golf club managers as well as those involved in running golf clubs and related businesses.

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