Golf course management – what are the main categories of management?


Golf course management comprises of a number of sub-components or sub-units. These are:

  • Management,
  • Staff,
  • Golf course condition,
  • Budgets and Finances,
  • Equipment, and
  • Irrigation/environment.

Golf course management – what it entails

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Communication is the major tool that connects each of these components together. Without effective communication, the golf course management structure will be ineffective and the results of this is absolute defective planning, confusion, poor results, and a pure waste of resources.

Budgeting and finance is the most sensitive area of Golf course management; it is part of an effective plan of investing. Therefore, the golf course management team must be able to formulate their budgets in-line with the goals and objectives of the Golf course’s mission. The budgeting and finance department must have strong negotiating skills so that they will be able to control their expenditures a lot easier. Budgeting and the finance departments are normally controlled with the use of simple spreadsheets and ledger books. A good golf course management team must be able to use their strong negotiating and communication skills to agree on specific terms with suppliers of grass turfs, and other necessary equipment, and any duties that fall outside of normal maintenance routines must be carefully examined by the project handlers, in order to ensure that they don’t overpay contractors.


In addition to budgeting, one of the finance objectives of an ideal Golf course is to have a sustainable revenue generating stream.These could include public summer golfing tickets. The closure of golf courses for long periods of time can also have a negative impact on the finances run by the golf course management team.

Staff and labor is just as important as budgeting. Staff and labor management starts with issues such as the laying of grass and/or artificial turf, to more complicated issues such as dealing with staff interactions. Working with different people seems to be one of the most difficult things that any management team will face. Therefore, they must ensure that all employees maintain positive attitudes to boost morale. One of the ways the management handles staff issues is by providing them feedback on what they are doing right and wrong, and secondly, they have provide adequate supervision in order to build good working relationships and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Staff appraisals must not be ignored by golf course management, likewise the training of both new and old employees is very important.


Lastly, equipment and irrigation are also important. Golf course management must haveknowledge of computer-controlled irrigation systems, as well as teaching employees how to operate these safely.Operating advanced equipment is necessary for smooth running of the golf course. Inventory and service boards are normally set up by Golf course management to ensure that maintenance records are adequately communicated – this will help the management team detect which equipment or facility requires servicing. Servicing of equipment ensures their optimum performance and will also reduce the operational cost of the equipment and systems in general.

We pride ourselves on being one of the most formidable Golf course managers in the world, and this is why we provide a forum for golf club managers as well as those involved in running golf clubs and related businesses.

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