Golf course management – What are the roles of a Golf course manager

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Generally, a Golf course manager is expected to keep the operations of the golf course running smoothly and effectively. He also sets the daily fees for non-members and ensures that all facilities in and around the golf course are optimally maintained. Property and asset management, as well as the proper maintenance of the golf course’sgrass and/or turf, are some of the most important functions of any Golf course manager.

Key functions of a golf course manager


Being a Golf course manager is an enjoyable position. However, a manager is expected to coordinate the entire management team as if he is running his own business. Aside from the general management of the entire golf course, the manager is expected to abide by financial constraints of the Golf course owners. The manager is expected to perform the following duties and tasks:

  • Organize people and daily duties,
  • Provide daily planning for all work and activities,
  • Creates budgets and control all expenditures for the golf course management, and
  • Communicate with his employers and other staff.

When these duties are carried out effectively, the objectives of the golf course will ultimately be achieved, and Golfers will also enjoy the pleasure of playing on an excellent course. As a golf course manager, there are a number of management skills expected. In most cases, prospective managers must have several years of experience in key management fields and possessing some skill level, such as communication skills, leadership skills, budgeting skills, work planning skills, and motivation. Other relevant qualifications and experience are also essential.  A golf course manager is also expected to keep the grass and the golf course looking spiffy at all times, in addition to having some computer and IT skills that are relevant to the management position.

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Most golf clubs are searching for managers with a diverse range of skills and technical capabilities in running a golf course. Most Golf course management teams will require that a manager has some administrative and accounting skills, as well as understanding budgetary analysis. Therefore, they must be aware of how resources will be allocated to each department.

Most golf courses that are hiring managers nowadays often expect an average of 5-year experience working at a gold course and running it at some capacity. Therefore, if you are an aspiring golf course manager, you may have to start as an Intern at a Golf course or golf club, and achieve a middle-management role before you can be considered as a golf course manager. In some countries, a Golf course management certification may be required alongside other requirements such as education and technical skills. A golf course manager reports to the senior managers or owners of a golf course on daily basis and he conducts presentations and some other seminars for educating golf club members.


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