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About us

We pride ourselves on being one of the most formidable Golf course managers in the world, and this is why we provide a forum for golf club managers as well as those involved in running golf clubs and related businesses. We bring together owners, employees, and members of golf clubs to visit our forums and read about industry trends including the threats and opportunities that are inherent in running golf courses. We do provide some revenue generating options that can make golf courses become viable.

Our vision and goal

Our main vision and goal is to help golf course managers become self-sufficient in their businesses. We strive to ensure that these managers are educated to identify ways by which they can improve the efficiency of their golf courses. Those that have done business with us, for instance, have been able to increase the membership of their golf courses through innovative marketing promotions, various membership schemes, and the restructuring of their administrative structures. We do provide some coaching for beginners, and expert golf course managers alike.

We also help our clients identify the additional revenue sources that can sustain the golf course. This means that golf course managers will not only rely on income generated from golf game subscriptions only, we are also able to help golf course managers identify other sources of income such as hosting conferences and events, government payouts, and environment-themed events that can generate sustainable revenue.

We also help golf course managers identify ways through which they can reduce costs of operating their business, including the total reduction in the time spent on projects, the use of alternative and more sophisticated golf course equipment that requires little or no maintenance, and scheduling of proper maintenance for equipment to ensure that they last longer. We do teach our clients how to initiate buying groups who can develop their bargaining power to reduce cost of doing business, and we also teach them some alternative golf course management procedures including more effective accounting methods.

We teach our clients to make use of the electronic media, including social media networks, to their full advantage. Aside from the profit-boosting help we render to golf course managers, we also ensure that we organize seminars and interviews with the leading stake holders in the industry and we do believe that managers do gain a lot from such interviews and seminars. For instance, we schedule regular interviews between golf course managers and “Greenkeepers”- those who have the best understanding of keeping golf turf green through the use of the most modern techniques and designs. With the exposure to the latest industry techniques and devices, golf course managers will not only familiarize themselves with the modern operations, they can also strike money-saving deals with the manufacturers of such equipment.

We implore you to contact us today for your golf course management needs and be rest assured that we will do our best to help you secure the best bargain you can get. Give us a call or email us on the information provided below.